6 Ways Colouring Is The Most Therapeutic Hobby One Can Have

For the past few years, amidst some annoying trends, one that truly sparked joy in our lives has been the resurgence of colouring books. Our childhoods were nary a complete without spending hours with our crayons and colour pencils glossing over book after book, colouring our way to a fantasy world that was bright or muted – whatever we wanted it to be.

But, colouring also helps in bringing peace and bliss to our souls and minds. Want to know how? Check this out.

1. Lessons Anxiety

We, as humans grapple with so many issues on a daily basis, there’s no dearth of anxiety. Everything seems out of control, everything seems out of reach, everything seems without a solution. However, at this hour, if we come across something that is well within our control and our agency, we should embrace it. Colouring makes you take charge of your feelings and helps foster them in a positive way.

2. Helps you Sleep Better

This is similar to the better aspects of reading; instead of spending the last few moments of your tiresome day, before you fall into deep slumber, staring at a screen – try colouring a book. It will de-stress you in a way nothing could, you could put out all your energy in this recreational activity, that will also adequately tire you out to ensure peaceful sleep!

3. Enhances Creativity

Colouring has no rules, except the staying-in-line one; but more than that, you could literally colour your heart out in the most ingenuous way possible. You could colour it in a bevy of colours, or in monochromes, or in coordinating colour, or otherwise. You could channel your innermost artist and create magic.

4. Improves Focus

It also improves your concentration and focus, as it involves attention to detail and is to be done earnestly. If you concentrate so much towards a recreation, one can only hope how that will affect your overall productivity.

5. Endorses Expression

Most of us deal with diminished sense of expression. With colouring, that changes – you are free to express yourself in any mood that you experiencing at that moment. It can be cathartic, it can be emotional, it can be happy, it can be angry. If there is an expression you need to push out, there’s no other more sensible way than this.

6. Encourages Simple Fun

Lastly, there’s no caveat, no manipulation, no hidden meaning in the fun that comes with colouring. It is just simply about your own bliss, your own happiness, your own creativity. Plus, this activity truly is done most well when you are by your own-self! So it also improves self-acceptance and self-confidence.


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