6 Things To Do To Stop Yourself From Crying

Yes, you, you who can feel their voice tremble and throat getting a little welled up. You, who can go from moist eyes to bawling in flat 10 seconds. You, who cries reading books, watching movies, listening to songs, when angry, when happy, when in a confrontation. Why do you cry so much? Well, is it because crying is the most pure form of catharsis? Or is it that when you truly feel your vulnerable self you want to just vent every emotion through crying? Crying is an unbridled emotion, so one could say it releases you off of all mental toxins, but there is a fine line between being emotional and being a cry-baby. So here are some ways you can control your tears next time you are compelled to bawl. 

1. Take A Few Deep Breaths

The moment you understand you are about to burst into tears, and yes they just don’t surprise you, take deep breaths. Evaluate your entire process of feeling what you feel, and the reaction you are about to exhibit. Give yourself the time to react in a different way. Get a hold of yourself, even if after this you feel like crying by all means do that. But don’t without giving yourself the opportunity to just breathe a little and take the scenario in perspective.

2. Drink Some Water

Tantrum Crying GIF

Water has so many benefits, but one of them is also of helping you cope. At the very behest of your tears, have a glass of water. It is a distraction, and it has a calming soothing effect. Gulp a few so even if your eyes were to betray you, your tenor of voice won’t.

3. Move Away From Triggers

You owe it to no one to stick around if they have been rude to you, or humiliated you, and you especially don’t owe it to them to be the bigger person and go through the motions in a collected manner for their benefit. However, for your own good move away from them. If you feel the need to confront them, and you know your anger translates into tears, then compose yourself before you talk to them.

4. Take A Walk

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Alternatively, trigger or not, just take a walk. Self-care is priority, and you need to embrace that. If you feel like you are about to cry and you need some time off, just go for a walk. If there is someone around you who understands you they will let you take that walk, if they ask you to stick around you anyway don’t deserve them in your life and you might as well up and about.

5. Plug In Something

This is quite true for when you are in an office space. If you feel distraught or angry or frustrated but you don’t want to cry or run to the washroom to basically bawl – then just plug in something that you know will perk you up. Be wise about it, don’t opt for something that may exacerbate the whole situation. Best is to pick out an annoying song that will just make you sing-a-long!

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6. Ask For Space

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But most importantly – ask for space. Owe it to yourself to give that opportunity for literally asking someone for space. If you need to take a few moment to digest something, or think about something, or just experience something you should be able to do that on your terms. Don’t think otherwise. Just ask for space, take that space, go away from the prodding, and be yourself.