Don’t Feel Humiliated

6 Times You Don’t Have To Feel Humiliated

Humiliation is usually crippling, and why wouldn’t it be? You get reduced to your most vulnerable state and in front of everyone and that renders you blush hard and get pangs of nervousness. However what is the point in feeling all that embarrassment if in your heart you know you are alright? Whether you slip on a banana peel, or get your period unaware, or get mocked on by your bros, or get yelled in front of everyone. Don’t feel exposed, don’t feel scared, just forge ahead. Trust us, it can be done.

1. Over Your Appearance

When someone picks you on your appearance and of course it is hurtful, but don’t let it bother you enough that you get flushed! Your appearance is for yourself and for someone you deem worthy enough. If someone disses your appearance without you giving them the idea you want their feedback, no need for you to feel humiliated. It reflects poorly on them, not you. Always.
2. Over Your Work

When you know you put in hard work but still get criticized, there can be multiple reasons for it, and they can range from your boss having a bad day to you not meeting the mark even though you put your best in it. At this moment if you feel like you are at a very bad spot however take it as constructive criticism if you feel your boss is genuinely affected or if you feel they are vindictive, then simply talk it out. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, because you did your best. And that is what matters.
3. Over Love

When someone rejects your romantic pursuit feel hurt, feel anger, feel desolation, sure, by all means, but don’t feel humiliated. Don’t feel either that they owed it to you or that you owed it to your ego. That is the wrong way of looking at things. Instead think of this as something that simply wasn’t meant to be. It’s healthier and it will make more sense in the longer run.
4. Over Something You Said

When you are made fun publicly over something you said, it stings. Bad. You feel so incredibly stupid and it’s extremely natural, exactly. Just like feeling stupid is natural, so is saying something that begets laughter. So laugh along. Make it harder for people to second guess you.5. Over Slight Unawareness

When you don’t know what everyone is talking about and you feel judged. Especially if it involves having staunch opinions. It isn’t necessary to know about the world and its affairs so long you know to be kind and to be empathetic. Waxing eloquence needn’t be something that is a pre-requisite to existing. If you feel dumb and humiliated when you don’t know what others are talking about, it is a waste of time because there will be many things which you know and they might not. Or even if they do, no one said it’s a requirement to feeling smart. What matters in the end is how you are with others, not how much you know than others.
6. Over Falling

When you are walking and you trip, just laugh a hearty laugh unless you are super hurt. In that case wail. But don’t feel embarrassed, because if it was funny it was funny! People trip all the time, and it isn’t like everyone conspired to only laugh at you. At another time we are sure you laughed when someone fell, and again, it reflects more towards the person laughing than falling. So just shrug it out and keep walking.

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