Easy Decor Ideas To Prep Your 1 BHK For Diwali

Diwali on a Wednesday means one thing for all of us living in the cities- no going back home. If you’ve been busy getting your work and life in place or even more if the last few nights you’ve been partying and losing money in card games, we bet you haven’t had the time to look at cleaning up and decorating your own space. But since our favourite festival of the year has arrived, we say you go back to your PG, 1 BHK, or small studio apartment with these amazing decor ideas. All you need to do is pick what you like and grab it on your way back!

1. Room Garden

Prep up a small room garden. All you need are some little flower pots that you can keep your window or a small corner that gets enough sunlight. They’ll make your place look green, fresh and needless to say help you fight the smog.

2. Fairy Lights

Empty some glass bottles or mason jars and fill them up with fairy lights. Put this in a corner and brighten up your home. Hang around some more fairy lights at the back of your bed or a wall. Tie to it some polaroids that bring back happy memories and see how you brighten up your room and mood!

3. Tea Lights

They’re cheap, they last really long, they look beautiful and they’re available in different fragrances! Place them in empty glasses or coloured candle stands and they will bring in all the Diwali feels you need!

4. Fancy Cushions

Filling up your bed with small pop coloured cushions with cool quotes will make your room look young and playful!

5. Incense Sticks

Are you missing out the Laxmi puja at home? Light some incense sticks and you will be instantly taken back!

6.ย Floral Rangoli

Don’t have much space to make an actual rangoli? Get some marigolds, rose petals and art on!


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