Love Indoor Plants? Here Are Some Feng Shui Tips To Make Your Green Thumb A Little Lucky

Simply put, Feng Shui is all about good vibes. Experts say that even living plants in your home décor can help you in balancing the energies of the surrounding. Here are 6 Feng Shui tips for your indoor garden that are bound to change the ‘Chi’ (energy) of your home drastically.

1. Money Plant for Money Matters

The name says it all. Money plants are considered particularly lucky and prosperous. They are said to bring health & wealth in one’s life.

Word of caution : We know it brings a fresh, lush look to your bathroom décor but you must NEVER keep the money plant inside your bathroom.

2. Avoid Spiky Plants

Cacti has needles instead of leaves and is said to attract negative energy. One must avoid keeping plants that bear thorns inside our homes as they attack our sense of security & comfort, altogether putting us on guard inside our own house.

3. Bamboo Stalks for Wisdom & Luck

Bamboo sticks are indicative of the Ultimate Wisdom – to be flexible & open on the inside, for the spirit to flow easily and heal you completely. One can keep as many stalks as they like but there are traditional symbolic numbers too – 2 for Love, 5 for Health & 9 for Good Fortune.

4. Bonsai In the Backyard, Please 

Bonsai Tree plants are associated with the feeling of stunted or limited growth & confinement. They are said to be bad ‘Chi’ and one must avoid keeping them inside the house.

5. Orchids for Love & Harmony 

This strong scented flowering plant is known to maintain harmonious relationships. Orchids are an age old symbol of fertility & can be kept in the relationship corner of the house, which is the bedroom.

6. Jade Plant for Good Fortune

Jade plants, also known as Money Tree are a token of good luck and an invitation to good fortune. Feng Shui experts swear by this low maintenance, evergreen succulent. With round or heart shaped leaves, Jade plants establish permanency.

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