8 Hacks To Keep Your Breath Fresh 24×7

Everything is going awesomely well in your life until the fine day – when your picture perfect date suddenly pulled away the moment you went in for a kiss. Uh oh! You have a problem; a major one – BAD BREATH. It’s one of the worst things that could happen to you. Not only your date, but anyone near you will hold their tongues if you have this condition.  

But getting rid of this embarrassing moment is easier than you think. Follow these tricks right away and you’ll have an amazing-smelling, kissable breath in no time.

Greens are the mains

Besides making your mom happy, green veggies also promote a more alkaline environment which balances out the bad-breath causing acid in in your body.

Drink tonnes of water

H2O is a boon! It not only keeps your bodily functions normal, but also lubricates your mouth, keeping bacteria at bay.

Chew on fresh mint leaves

Take the natural route and stash some of these herbs in your bag. The mint freshens your breath and also up your greens intake.

Go cold turkey on smoking

Apart from all other effects, cigarettes also dry out your mouth and squeeze the blood vessels thus hampering your healthy saliva flow. This killer combo has a major contribution to smelly breath.

Take probiotics

They break down food, thus decreasing the possibility of food fermenting in your tummy. And when there’s no fermentation, there’s no bad breath.

Brush and floss every day

No explanations, no excuses- THIS IS A MUST

Clean your tongue

Even if you brush and floss every day, cleaning your tongue is what keeps bad breath at bay. Bacteria from food stick to your taste buds, thereby causing a gross stench.

Apply flavoured lip gloss

Not that your garlic breath will turn to the most amazing scent ever, but it’ll definitely mask some of the odor unless you get the chance to brush and floss.

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