8 Out-Of-The-Box Gift Ideas That Your Dad Will Definitely Love

Gifting your mom is easy, but when it comes to gifting your dad, it’s one hell of a task. Because you know, he’ll take whatever you give him with wide grins and big hugs, even when the gift is not of much use to him. But you too are fixated to give the best of the best; after all, you’re your father’s child. You are stubborn to get him that ‘one’ thing that will not lie in one corner, but something that’ll find place in his everyday life.

So we racked our brains to come up with the most unique gifts that your dad will proudly show off to his friends.

1. Digital measure tape

Most of our dads are always in the middle of a home improvement project. If your dad is one of them, he will instantly fall in love with this digital measuring tape and you will most likely find it in his pocket or bag anytime, anywhere.

2. Beard bib

His struggle is real even though your dad hardly mentions it. It’s not easy to shave while keeping the washroom just like your mom wants: spic-and-span. So make his shaving routine a more comfortable one with this beard bib hair clippings catcher.

3. Cool vintage stuff

There’s something about dads and their love for all things vintage. Be it a simple pocket watch or just a plain ol’ knife, it’ll surely delight your dad as long as it antique. Finding these things might be a bit of a task for you, but it’s worth the smile that’ll bring to your father’s face.

4. Whiskey decanter and rock glasses set

Upgrade his ‘on the rocks’ game if your dad likes to celebrate with a little whiskey every now and then. Get him a super classy whiskey decanter and a few glasses, and you will see for yourself how he boasts off his latest collection to the bar.

5. Daddy spa time

Your dad too deserves a day of pampering. Gift him that day and let him drain down all the worries of the world while he enjoys the pleasures and benefits of spa. We are sure your dad will appreciate this thoughtful gift later.

6. A classic watch

When it comes to watches, dads are always in love with them and the gift of a timepiece is a lasting, thoughtful choice as well. Make sure you pick the right style for him and your dad is going to cherish it forever.

7. Personalized grooming hamper

They might not say it loud, but trust us, dads love these hampers. Create a hamper on your own with products from his favourite brands, add a few extras, and you’ll see that million dollar smile light up your father’s face.

8. Cool kitchen gadgets

Your dad too belongs in the kitchen, only if you know the way to lure him till there. And funky and quirky kitchen appliances are one hell of a way to do this. Be it an automatic pan stirrer with timer or a multi-purpose coffee maker, as long as it’s fascinating, it’ll get him to the kitchen before anyone.

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