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Hangover No More, These Easy Steps Will Take Care Of You

It’s safe to say that this time of the year is not the very best time to stay clear of alcohol. The breezy evenings, the warm clothes, the festive mood and the cosy corners call for long drinking nights. What’s not anticipated is the headache, nausea or stomach ache that follows the next morning. Your hangover is in full swing and all you’re craving for is a little relief.

But worry not! Relief is on its way as we have rounded up 6 ways for you to shake off that ugh feeling in an hour or so.

Get some Vitamin 

After a long night of drinking, your body could really use some vitamins. With orange juice easily accessible, gulp down a glass for a healthy dose of Vitamin C. In case you have a multivitamin with you, now is a good time to take that as well.

Ginger tea

Ginger is right here to rescue you from feeling groggy and downright gross. We all know ginger as the traditional anti-nausea remedy and hence it is amazing for hangover symptoms. The active phenol compounds like gingerols and shogaols in ginger tea stimulate gastric contractions and soothe your tummy.

Eat something

Food may seem like the last thing on earth you want when hungover but it can help. You don’t have to eat anything that’ll make you sick; rather have mineral and protein-rich food. Have bland food like a piece of bread or pretzels or a banana. You can also try a piece of fruit if you can stomach the thought.


Honey is a blessing in disguise when it comes to curing hangover. In case you’re nauseous but need to eat something, just spread a little honey on your favourite cracker. Besides soothing your tummy, it’ll build up your body with the essential sodium, potassium and antioxidants you need after a long drunken night.

Hibiscus tea

After drinking all night, your liver is shouting for a pick-me-up like hibiscus tea. Honoured by ancient Chinese medicine as the best plant for liver health, drinking hibiscus tea will bring down indigestion, diarrhea and stomach ache. You’ll be surprised to know that hibiscus is used to treat drunkenness itself in Guatemala.

Sleep it off!

Your body heals itself and recovers better the moment you crash on the bed. Sleep late in the morning or take a nap after a big breakfast to pass through the hungover morning. Don’t forget to keep sipping water in between snoozes to give your body a good chance at recovery.





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