6 Things You Can Do To Help The Environment

Scientists have warned that we have only 11 years left to save the earth from irreparable damage. And if you’re worried that there’s not much you can do as an individual, think again. This World Environment Day, we urge you to make some minute tweaks to your lifestyle, that are bound to help the environment significantly.

1.  Re-style  your clothes

Trust us, we love shopping as much as you do. But did you know household consumers are by far the biggest drain on the planet. Studies also show that producing 1kg of fabric generates 23kgs of green house gases!
So donate some clothes, re-cycle them by creating new looks and most importantly, cut down your shopping sprees.

2. Carry your carry-bags

You’re doing your part if you make it a habit to carry a cloth bag each time you hit the grocery store. Plastics are non-biodegradable and are a menace to the Earth’s carrying capacity. Further, a number of marine as well as terrestrial animals like cows die a slow, painful death after eating plastic bags that end up in the water steams and grazing grounds.

3. Quit taking 30 minute showers

Considering that only 1% of freshwater is available for our consumption, it is only wise that we don’t waste it. Being thoughtful at a cellular level shouldn’t be hard for any of us, especially when we know that there are some people who have to wait for hours in a que, only to get a single bucket of water.

4. Maintain a garden

If planting trees sounds like a humongous task, don’t you worry. Even if you maintain a small, indoor garden with say 20-25 plants, atleast you will be giving back as much oxygen as you are consuming. Plus, who doesn’t love the aesthetic of cute, little ceramic pots, especially when it comes with saving the Earth?

5. Carry your own handkerchief

Too often we grab tissue papers from the counters of our office canteens, 2 or 3 extra, just in case. Did you know that 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber is used to make timber? We are sure you could easily carry a handkerchief with you and do your bit in taking care of the environment.

6. Switch to menstrual cups

Choosing menstrual cups means saving the environment from the packaging and material waste of more than 2400 pads or tampons per user. That means, you as an individual, save the environment from one truckload of waste every 10 years. And if that’s not enough, look at all the money you’ll be saving if you choose these re-usable menstrual cups. A true Win-Win!

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