Ikea Is The Reason For You To Make That Trip To Hyderabad

Ikea’s first experiential centre is here! And even though it is in Hyderabad, all of us in the rest of the country can’t help wait for it to arrive to our cities. Ikea, we can’t thank you enough for this. Still don’t believe us? Here, have a look for yourself.

1. We are so completely crushing over the bedrooms- right from the perfectly in-sync colour combination, the creatively chosen cushions and props, and a disco ball to top it all off!

Add glamorous drama to your bedroom.  #MakeEverydayInspiring #IKEAIndia

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2. For all the people who have been putting off their cooking skills, these kitchen grids are to die for! They are the perfect match of elegance and domesticity.

3. Speaking of #kitchengoals, is there anything cuter than this for the budding Masterchefs in your family? Ample space, perfectly bracketed storage spaces, and complementary cool tones. If this isn’t a sure shot way to inculcate some holistic creativity in children, we don’t know what is!

Designed for chefs of all sizes. #MakeEverydayHappier #IKEAIndia

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4. Before you think we are all done with the kitchen space- hold your breath! Can we please take a second to appreciate the cuteness and quirkiness that is this Utensil Orchestra wall? What better way to organize them, keep them clean and yet effectively utilize space?

5. What do we all look forward to after a long tiring day of #adulting? Some quiet time! All of us living in the metropolis can’t really have the luxury of calming patios or gardens, but what we can do is give the home space a tasteful tranquility with this!

6. Whatever the interior needs be- Ikea has a colourful solution. We have to give it to Ikea for making the drab, dull interiors of even an almirah space look so vibrant and beautiful! Minimal arrangement but curated so wonderfully, that’s Ikea for you, people.

Grown-ups need a bit of colour too! #MakeEverydayColourful #IKEAIndia

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