7 Amazing Indoor Games That Don’t Require Technology!

These are the OG of games, they are the play station of the aughts when screen-time was frowned upon. From Candyland to Mafia to Dark Rooms, the earlier days were riddled with fun that involved games in real time, with all of us huddled together. Much like outdoor games, but without the overt aggression and latent violence (we aren’t looking at you, Twister or well Cards vs Sanskaar). But these games are thunderingly riveting, they poke you literally and figuratively, and anyone looking for some thrill in their holed up at home adventures, these games will bring a dark side you didn’t want to peep into. We mean you can make a lot of fake money, you can run empires, you can hit many low blows and politically incorrect stances, you can realise that all those millennial slangs actually come in handy!

These are some of our favourite games, that are some parts family friendly, some parts debaucherous, and all parts entertaining! 

1. Catan


2. Monopoly


3. Ludo


4. Cards vs Sanskaar

5. Carrom

6. Scrabble



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