No: The Golden Word That Can Change Your Life

“Busy” is the patent response we receive and throw out to the jaded question of “how you’ve been?” Today, being busy is worn as a badge of honor; a humble-brag that we’re in demand; a verb symbolizing success. But its about time we introspect, is ‘having no time’ really of significance in being productive?

Sadly, not always. Being constantly occupied is sometimes– if not mostly– nothing but the consequence of not knowing the art of saying “NO”. Growing up, we are taught and trained to inculcate ‘magic words’ into our vocabulary, namely “Sorry”, “Thank You” and “Please.”  However, no one tells us the power of NO. Why? Because in a people-pleasing society where we’re all looking to be accepted and liked, saying “no” would mean an act of defiance and result in otherwise.

How many times we’ve had coffee with people when we neither wanted coffee nor to meet the people we’re having it with? How many times have we gone out clubbing when all we wanted was to stay at home and vegetate? Its no shocker to know that when we half-ass things, we end up doing good to neither us nor the people involved. Saying yes to plans we actually don’t want to go to not only curbs our mental peace but also keeps us from having time to do things we really want to. We end up cribbing and nagging the entire time and spoil things for everyone, problems which can be solved with a simple “no.”

Its time to reclaim your time, and just say a polite “no” to plans, people and things that don’t make you happy. Trust me, you’re better off! *cue to Meghan Trainer’s song ‘NO’*

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