7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear A Bra

As women, most of us have been taught all our lives that wearing a bra is the ‘proper’ thing to do. It’s said to keep you looking attractive, put-together, and just all around more appropriate. But you may be taken aback to hear that there are some unexpected benefits to ditching your bra every once in a while. So without any much delay, take off on your bra-cation.

1. You’re free!

To begin with, letting go of your bra is synonymous to giving your boobs the ultimate freedom. Cup bras are a total hassle; they are uncomfortable and imprison boobs. But when you take it all off, your boobs are free to do whatever they wish- swing, bounce, jiggle, and, most importantly, breathe.

2. Improves your breast shape

Contrary to what we might believe, not wearing a bra doesn’t cause your breasts to sag. In fact, studies have proved bras most likely cause breasts to lose their shape over time as the support of bras weakens the muscles in the chest, making the breasts droop. To keep your breasts rounder and perkier, it’s actually best to let them do their own thing! However remember, your bra is the most useful back-up, so don’t depart from it altogether.

3. Boost your circulation

Frequently wearing tight clothing, especially tight bras, is not that good for your blood circulation. All the tightness and squeezing around your chest compresses major blood vessels and slows down circulation. This has actually been proven to create cardiovascular issues in the future, which your favorite push-up is just not worth.

4. Breathing function will improve

We all know this and have felt this! When something tight and restricting, like, say, a bra. is wrapped around your chest all day for 365 days a year, for however many years, your breathing slowly becomes more and more restricted. So without any further delay, get into the habit of staying away from your beloved bra.

5. Save some money

Let’s face it, bras are expensive! Especially those nice, comfortable and stylish ones. No matter what amount of money you spend on a bra, consider that money saved is money earned. Whatever money you would have spent on a frilly new bra can be pocketed for another time or spent on something more important to you!

6. Comfort

bra GIF

For many of us, this could be the biggest reason to ditch your bra- comfort. Seriously, is there any greater feeling of relief than taking off your bra after a long day? It is sweet, sweet freedom. Especially if you’re are wearing those lacy, itchy, or tight bras, the daily discomfort can be enough to distract you all day long.

7. People will comment

People will speak; they’ll snicker at the sight of those loose boobs under your shirt. But you chalk it up to stupid beauty and gender expectations, and skip on your merry way with your boobs flopping up and down.




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