10 Resolutions That You Definitely Need To Make In 2020!

With the year about to end, it’s time to look forward and make a new start. Plan what you want to do and who you want to be next year with easy and achievable new year resolutions that will be easy and fun to keep. For everyone who need a little help for making the list, here are 10 new year resolutions ideas that you can make this year.

1. Eat a little healthier – All you got to do to follow this is add a little more fruits and veggies in your plate and groceries list and keep them ready to eat and you are sorted for the year.

2. Be more Organized – Stop procrastinating and clear the clutter in your desk, drawers and wardrobe. Keep a goals list and a give yourself deadlines and you will make the most of this resolution for sure.

3. Get a new look – Easy to make and fun to keep, all you have to do to fulfill this resolution is go to a salon and reinvent yourself with a new cut, color or style.

4. Reconnect with old friends – If you are on social media like the rest of the world, well you won’t have to stress much about this one. All you have to do is find the person you want to  reconnect with on any available social media platform and take the first step and initiate the conversations and if you are meant to it will be like it was before.

5. Resolve to spend more ‘Me’ time – Next year learn to say no to things you don’t want to spend your time on. Get on with some hobbies you want to pursue and every now and then take a break from the schedule and relax.

6. Be more positive – To have a good and smooth year you have to let go of all the negativity around you and stay positive and for that the most important thing you have to do is cut off from ones who are negative and don’t dwell on the downers

7. Save Money – Start with recording your expenses and prioritize needs and cut back on spending uselessly. Keep a specific amount separately every month according to your saving goals and don’t use that money for expenditures.

8. Read More – Take out an hour in a day to devote to reading the books you want. If you find it time consuming to read, you can always listen to book audios while exercising or any free time you have.

9. Enjoy Little Things – Stop criticizing everything and be more open to opportunities to enjoy yourself and be happy. Try finding positive things in small-small achievements and moments.

10. Keep a Journal – You don’t have to write in a journal every day. All you have to do is whenever you get time take a pen and write down anything you feel or something you want to share. Keeping a journal can help you self-reflect and relieve stress.

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