7 Times When It’s Absolutely O.K. To Lie

Honesty is undoubtedly the best policy, but not always. Even though we all are taught not to lie all our life, there are times when lies, only white lies can get us out of a situation. And telling them is absolutely fine as they come from a harmless and a kind-hearted place.

So here are all the times when you can happily twist the truth and make up stories without any guilt. Additionally, it will benefit you in ways you can’t imagine.

1. When there is no time to change

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Say someone asks you how they look right before walking on stage or asks for your opinion on anything that HAS to happen the next moment, you can welcome deception. There’s nothing the other person can do to make a change in the moment, so why not benefit him/her with the belief that everything is under control.

2. When you want to cancel plans

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Sometimes you just want to sit a home- alone. But it’s a truth hard for people around you and you end up becoming the spoil sport. In moments like these, there’s no harm in dropping a bit of a white lie. Tell them you don’t feel well or that you have work to do, just make surely you cancel in a timely fashion.

3. When you’re running late to work

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All of you must have already done this and it’s absolutely fine. You know the awfulness of running late to your work the best, so if telling a white lie saves your job and pays your bills, it’s totally acceptable. Especially so, when you have a boss who will sooner fire you than put up with tardiness.

4. When you’re preserving a kid’s innocence

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Go right ahead without a second thought and spin tales of queens and kings for your kids or nephews or nieces. White lies like Cinderella and her Godfather or Santa Claus is totally acceptable and necessary as well, as they not only protect the child’s innocence but also boost his creative imagination. They can learn the truth later when they’re ready, there’s no hurry.

5. When you want to bury an unending fight

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Fighting and quarrelling is tiresome and we understand the urge to end it once and for all. If you’re willing to swallow your pride and concede and tell them they’re right, go ahead irrespective of whether you mean it or not. There’s no harm in letting the other team have one for the sake of your sanity. Just don’t make it a habit otherwise you might end up being the scapegoat.

6. When you receive a gift you don’t like

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White lies are all about sparing people’s feelings. So next time you receive a gift, smile and graciously accept even if you don’t like it. You can also go as far as to say you love it; that’ll make the giver happy.

7. When someone asks for your personal information

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All of you must have come across people who are very much into you and what you do. They keep prying into your personal life and simply want to know everything from head to toe. And when you bump into someone like this, it’s time to save yourself with a white lie. You’re in no obligation to disclose your personal information, so tell as many tales as you like.



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