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10 Christmas Gifts You Need To Stop Giving Right Away

Buying Christmas gifts is fun but also quite tricky, especially when you don’t have personalized letters that Santa does. And hence people often, let’s put it this way, don’t exactly meet the gift receivers’ expectations. In case you don’t know

These Tips Will Make Your Fart Go Successfully Unnoticed

There’s no point hiding it, because you fart. Everybody does. The very fact that you’ve reached here shows that you’ve done it, not once, not twice but innumerable times. Flatulence is perfectly normal but it irks most people. However, unless

These Bucket-List Luxuries Are A Must For All Of Us

If it’s easier for you to be your worst critic than to like yourself, you’re not alone. Most of us struggle with a general negative feeling about ourselves. But as the old saying goes – if you don’t love yourself,

6 Superfoods That Will Make Pooping A Breeze

Constipation is a miserable condition! It is not something you’re comfortable bringing up at this happy hour, but let’s face it- being constipated is pretty, well for the lack of a better word, crappy. The holding of the breath, the

5 Easy Ways To Be Kind And Feel Better About Yourself

Kindness generates more kindness – we all grew up listening to this. However, in order to be kind to others, we don’t need an opportunity. Neither do we have to donate large sums of money for charity, nor smile at

Hangover No More, These Easy Steps Will Take Care Of You

It’s safe to say that this time of the year is not the very best time to stay clear of alcohol. The breezy evenings, the warm clothes, the festive mood and the cosy corners call for long drinking nights. What’s