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8 Hacks To Keep Your Breath Fresh 24×7

Everything is going awesomely well in your life until the fine day – when your picture perfect date suddenly pulled away the moment you went in for a kiss. Uh oh! You have a problem; a major one – BAD

6 Signs You Overthink Everything

Overthinking is a disease often undiagnosed, perhaps because of its proclivity to a dramatic flair that we all possess. However the phenomenon of overthinking is one that seeps in ways you can’t quite recognize, and before you know it takes

13 Types Of People You See (And Judge) In Office Every Day

When in office, you’re a different you; you face new situations, meet new challenges, explore new options but most importantly, you meet different types of people. Every office is a smorgasbord of unique personalities, work types and ethics. Irrespective of

6 Things Not To Do At Work

Most of us spend a major chunk  of our lives in offices winning our daily bread and butter where we surely interact with a bunch of people on daily basis. However while we mingle, there are chances that we might

All The Reasons We Think Eating Alone Is The Best Food Trend

Eating alone? A certain awkwardness creeps in the moment we think of this. Be it in a restaurant or your office lunch time or anywhere crowded, we’re never comfortable when it comes to having our meals without company. We understand,

Avoid These Foods If You Want A Good Night’s Sleep

Tossing and turning every five minutes, staring at the ceiling for hours wondering what’s cursing your trip to dreamland? Well, it may have something to do with what you just ate. We all are aware that you shouldn’t be drinking

10 Christmas Gifts You Need To Stop Giving Right Away

Buying Christmas gifts is fun but also quite tricky, especially when you don’t have personalized letters that Santa does. And hence people often, let’s put it this way, don’t exactly meet the gift receivers’ expectations. In case you don’t know

These Tips Will Make Your Fart Go Successfully Unnoticed

There’s no point hiding it, because you fart. Everybody does. The very fact that you’ve reached here shows that you’ve done it, not once, not twice but innumerable times. Flatulence is perfectly normal but it irks most people. However, unless