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Why ‘Taking Yourself Out’ Is The Best Thing You Can Do

A loner is someone who does not actively seek human interaction, according to the definition. According to the world, the words ‘loner’ and ‘loser’ are perceived synonymous to each other. The other day I stumbled upon an ad for a

6 Things To Do To Stop Yourself From Crying

Yes, you, you who can feel their voice tremble and throat getting a little welled up. You, who can go from moist eyes to bawling in flat 10 seconds. You, who cries reading books, watching movies, listening to songs, when

menstrual cups benefits

Menstrual Cups: To Use Or Not To Use?

Menstrual cups are medical grade silicone made reusable bell shaped female hygiene cups which upon insertion collects the menstrual blood flow. Curious whether to use or not to use these little cups during the worst time of your month?Let’s clarify

6 Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

You sleep every night (almost). But do you sleep naked? We believe sleeping without clothes might not be the first thing to cross your mind when it comes to improving your health; but there are some benefits that are just

5 Reasons Why Fresh Veggies Are The OG Super Foods

You have probably heard your mom saying “finish your vegetables” all your life. It’s a directive that all of us have been trying to unhear. But let me put it straight, your mom is right! Vegetables can make you feel