Ditch Your Plastic Bags, Here are 7 Options to Use Instead

Do you leave the tap running, because the world won’t run out of water due to just one person? Is your trashcan a museum of plastic goodies? Do you think climate change is not THAT big a deal? Do you relate with this Donald Trump tweet:

If yes, you might be suffering from a case of Privilege Bubble. Attempts at sarcasm aside, climate change is very real and we can’t afford to be delusional about it. You can do your bit by making better choices.

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Start with the simple plastic bag. It’s unhealthy, unattractive and needs to go. If it doesn’t, plastic will outweigh fish in the sea by 2050! Here are better, more sustainable alternatives:

1. Jute

Recyclable, natural and fashionable. What’s not to love?

2. Paper

They’re super easy to find and if you don’t, DIY them! PS: They make adorable gift bags too.

3. Cotton

Soft to the touch and extremely durable, cotton bags are sure to serve you well.

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4. Sealable Pouches

Even the plastic ones minimise damage because they’re reusable. If looking for a better option, go for silicone pouches.

5. Muslin

Going grocery shopping? Take your very own sturdy, muslin bag instead of returning with several icky polythenes.

6. Denim

Great for casual outings, a denim bag is eco-friendly fashion at its best!

7. Hemp

Saw these on your trip up Indian mountains? Available in quirky designs, hemp bags are sustainable enough to be the environment’s BFF.



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