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Struggling With Insomnia? These Hacks Will Cure You Instantly

Who doesn’t like a full night’s sleep? And yes! Nodding off is supposed to be one of the simplest tasks in life. All that you have to do is lie down and close your eyes and just wait to conk out. Well, well! That’s not the scenario with everyone! While the lucky ones are able to catch forty winks the minute they hit the pillow, the rest of us spend most of our nights like this.

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If your nights are spent twisting and turning in bed, then you do know how baffling it is to have trouble dozing off when you not only want to but need to. Anxiety might also creep in at night once the thought of routinely staying up late is unhealthy kicks in (Guess all insomniacs get these weird 2 A.M thoughts).

But hey! Clam your nerves because we present easy, research-based tips and tricks to help you reach dreamland as soon as you hit the sack. Try these tips and maybe you’ll find yourself conking out quickly tonight.

Keep A Consistent Sleep Routine

A stable sleep schedule is the key to fast and sound sleep. Our sleep-wake cycle is controlled by our internal clock found in the brain and an unstable sleep habit makes it prone to sleep disorders. Although this may sound impossible, try to follow a strict bedtime routine and the body will adapt and prepare on its own for sleep.

Hide Your Clock

Watching the minutes tick towards morning as you toss and turn, trying to fall asleep. Does this sound familiar? Do yourself a favour and hide the clock. Checking the time constantly increases your stress levels and keeps the nervous system active, thus making it harder to fall asleep.

Wear Socks To Bed

Cold feet literally obstruct your system from falling asleep as they constrict the blood vessels and cause less blood to circulate. The best predictors of rapid sleep onset are warm feet and hands. Wearing socks can speed up your trip to dreamland as they open up the blood vessels on the surface of your skin which ultimately leads to redistribution of heat throughout the body.

Take A Warm Shower Before Bed

Empirical studies indicate that insomniacs have a higher core body temperature before bedtime, thus leading to more distractions that cause difficulty in falling asleep. It may seem weird, but taking a warm shower and entering a cool room slows down your metabolism which will help you nod off quicker.

Lower Your Room Temperature

In case you’re too lazy to take a hot shower to decrease your body temperature, you can try cooling down your room temperature. This will decrease your body’s core temperature thus triggering the process that initiates sleep. The ideal temperature is between 15 degree and 20 degree Celsius.

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