6 Surprising Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

You sleep every night (almost). But do you sleep naked? We believe sleeping without clothes might not be the first thing to cross your mind when it comes to improving your health; but there are some benefits that are just too good to not care about. And since it’s pretty easy to try yourself, we guess it’s time to strip down and doze off. For your health, of course. As it turns out, there are many benefits of sleeping naked and here are a few.

1. It makes you fall asleep faster

A sure-fire way to a good siesta is to get rid of all drawstrings and clothes. Falling body temperature signals to your body that it’s time for sleep and one simple way to do it is by ditching the clothes. Additionally there’ll be no tangled sheets to distract you, hence you’ll sleep better.

2. It helps your skin

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Your armpits and feet are restricted all day under multiple layers. Give those parts and your body a chance to breathe. This lowers the risk of skin diseases like athlete’s foot that result from moist skin.

3. It keeps you young

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Yes, that’s right! We all know how tough and uncomfortable it is to sleep in a warm room. Not just that, the warmth also disrupts the release of anti-aging hormone. But sleeping naked keeps your body cool, so get your clothes off and get some real beauty sleep.

4. It builds confidence

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We wear clothes all day, every day, and sometimes lack of body confidence can also be attributed to the fact that we hardly see ourselves naked. However, if you see yourself naked both at night and first thing in the morning, you’ll be more aware and accepting of your body. And that mostly leads to growth in confidence, making you a more happy and cheerful person overall.

5. It brings you closer to your partner

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People who snooze in the nude are always happier. Skin to skin contact releases the happy hormone- oxytocin. You not only get the feeling of being close to your partner, but oxytocin also alleviates stress and depression, reduce blood pressure and help with gut inflammation.

6. It improves your vaginal health

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When you sleep naked, your vagina gets a chance to be in the open and breathe which contributes to its general health. Tight-fitting and sweaty underwear makes your private part more prone to a yeast infection and sleeping naked prevents that. And when it comes to your overall sexual health, there’s no better place to start with than with your vagina.

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