7 Fun Ways To Engage With Your Children That Doesn’t Require Games!

Staying at home shouldn’t just involve non-stop gaming and back to back films. It’s great as a one-off, but a creative use of time is therapeutic and involving the family makes it all the more fun.

1. Organise a scavenger hunt with kids and collect assorted buttons, beads, bits of wool, delivery boxes, old greeting cards, magazines and other bits and bobs, things you have neither used nor needed in a while. Collect these treasures in the corner of a room and involve the children in some artistic fun.

2. Larger bits of paper could be innovatively decorated with buttons, pretty cut-outs from old cards and paints to make for greeting cards and wall decorations. Loop a bit of wool through the smaller bits of stiffer paper, deck up with a bit of sparkle, and turn them into cute gift cards the kids themselves could use later on.

3. Old newspapers and magazines, torn into strips and glued together with a paste of flour and water make for great paper mache bowls. Painted over, when dry, they can be used to store dry items like clips, earrings and even decorative items like shells.

4. Start saving rolls from toilet rolls and kitchen towels. With a bit of imagination, they can be turned into little houses, schools and even animals. Old socks make for great puppets…may be your little one has a story around the idea, so be sure to note it down.

5. With the use of vegetables and paints, kids could make their own wrapping paper and book covers. Cardboard stencils of their favourite animal will work just as well.

6. Sturdier cardboard boxes covered with assorted colourful paper, thread and wool make fun storage boxes and smaller ones are ideal to hide chargers and remote controllers for the television and air conditioners.

7. Last, but not the least, cooking is also an art. Involve your kids in some fun meal preparations and get them to help with making sandwiches, cakes (beating the batter) and other yummy snacks.

Don’t pull your hair out thinking of ways to occupy your children. Kids are dreamers and creative to boot, so use this time to indulge their creativity and you never know what hidden talents you discover in your little one. Stay indoors, have fun and stay safe.


This article has been contributed by Priyadarshini Kohli.

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    Such good advice and easy enough to follow.

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