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These Bucket-List Luxuries Are A Must For All Of Us

If it’s easier for you to be your worst critic than to like yourself, you’re not alone. Most of us struggle with a general negative feeling about ourselves. But as the old saying goes – if you don’t love yourself, who else will? What get us through the everyday grind are the little pleasures. And why wait for your day off or next vacation to make yourself feel good?

Remind yourself that you deserve to lead a happy life and enjoy yourself on a daily basis with these 6 ways to treat yourself.

Read a book

Hasn’t it been a while since you let yourself crack into a good, old-fashioned book? I mean the kind with a cover and paper pages. Dedicate a few hours to curl up and get lost in one of innumerable titles on your shelf that you’ve been planning to read for years.


Time spent in the kitchen isn’t always a chore. Head to the kitchen and create something new with ingredients you already have. Cook like you’re preparing it for someone you care and you’ll end up treating yourself to something tasty (maybe nutritious as well)

Put your records on

Music literally changes everything. Sit and simply listen to your favourite songs or try the new one you’ve meaning to listen for a while. Grab the hairbrush and sing your heart out. In case you feel the urge to groove to those tunes, do it.

Wander aimlessly

Stop staring at the screen, go open your door and walk around for a while. You don’t always need a destination to arrive at. Pay heed to the world around you – the falling leaves, the kids playing, the birds chirping and what not.

Enjoy sunrise, sunset

They’re there every day- beautiful and free. Soak yourself in a moment of solitude or just enjoy the beginning or ending of the day with someone or alone. It’s a sight you’ll hold in your memory forever.


You might not like to hear it and even if you don’t feel like it right now, you’re just going to feel awesome after exercising for an hour. And if you add some creativity and pick the right activity, the exercise itself will be fun. Trust me!


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