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These Hacks Will Make You A Better Performer At Work

We all know at least one day a week when our adrenaline is at an all-time low, and so is our will to work. What should we do on days like these, when giving up on life just isn’t an option? We become self-cheerleaders and motivate ourselves! Here are some quick ways to get your work –self alive and kicking.

1. Change Your Perspective

So what if you have this big pending task you have to do? Think of it as a thousand small tasks, instead of a single humongous one. You’ll have a much less harder time in life finishing it.

2. Just Breathe


Whenever in doubt, breathe! Even if it doesn’t motivate you, it’ll sure calm you down. Breathe out your troubles – and breathe in your calmness!

3. Let your mind wander

While breathing physically is vital, one must also let our mind breathe! Aimlessly wandering your thoughts towards various things other than work will get your brain to calm down, and bring back your focus too.

4. Treat Yourself

A little self-lovin’ never hurt anyone! Pamper yourself with a slice of cake or a good ol’ drink and we promise – motivation will run back into your arms like a little child to its mother.

5. Stretch

Just get up and take a nice good looongggg stretch. Go on and get that blood circulation going throughout your body and you’ll get enough motivation for the task at hand.

6. Teamwork

Because hey, not all things are so easy to be motivated for! Share the burden, prioritize, delegate, and decentralize your work. You’ll be better off in terms of the stress and motivation will come from the rest of your team members.

7. Take a Walk

Just take a long loo-break, get coffee, or play a round of table tennis – or just wander around aimlessly. You’ll come back refreshed and rejuvenated, and ready to take the world on!

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