Travelling With A Baby? We Just Made It Easier For You

Travelling is something we all look forward to eagerly. Being amidst the mountains, the hills, the valleys and the seas and away from all humanity is the ideal situation. However, even an activity as enjoyable as travelling begins to seem like an arduous task when being accompanied with toddlers or tiny-tots. And obviously we can’t leave our kids behind while we go around vacationing, right? Worry not- here are some quick tips to keep your vacation sorted for you and your little one.

1. Stay Calm

Stress and calmness- both pass on in equal amounts from mother to their young. Do not pay heed to the irate looks by co-passengers on seeing your baby wail. And definitely don’t get hassled by them- they aren’t going to meet you ever after this trip anyway! If something goes really wrong- ask for help instead of panicking. If you are calm, everyone else around you will automatically be.

2. Plan Ahead

The days of solo spontaneous trips are gone- with babies you need to plan! For everything ranging from their clothes, food, moisturizers, towels, wet wipes, and diapers, think ahead and you won’t regret it. Just think for yourself and then translate your needs into the baby version. Keep some games, some crayons, and some toys to keep your baby occupied.

3. Pack Extra

Packing light is okay as long as you don’t forget to pack extra. Make a list of everything you’ll need and then make it double! Because there can be enough but there can never be less. Split up your luggage into two if you feel the need to. But don’t cut down on things due to lack of space. Extra wipes, towels, and plastic bags are a must-have. Anything to make your lil’ one comfortable and happy!

4. Travel Regulations

Travelling by airlines and trains which are baby friendly is always better. Check in advance if you will need to pay anything extra for your little one. Also, some airlines do allow liquids if they are in the form of baby food for cabin luggage purposes- which is a really great thing for the mommies out there! So make the most of these relaxations and benders exclusively for toddler parents.

5. Keep It Comfy

Comfort of both- the parents and the children- are of utmost importance. If something makes you uncomfortable during your travel, do not hesitate to complain. Also- don’t hesitate to ask for things that are rightfully yours being a parent of a toddler.  Even if it is just an annoying co-passenger! And sometimes- taking a cab with your sleeping toddler can be a much better idea than hitchhiking all the way back to the hotel.

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