13 Types Of People You See (And Judge) In Office Every Day

When in office, you’re a different you; you face new situations, meet new challenges, explore new options but most importantly, you meet different types of people. Every office is a smorgasbord of unique personalities, work types and ethics. Irrespective of you being a seasoned veteran with 25 years of experience or a fresh-faced rookie, you cannot stop loving/mostly hating your colleagues.

After all, work place is a funny environment; you’re thrown in a place with people you maybe wouldn’t have spent time otherwise. Here are a few types of people you bump upon every day in the not so thrilling TV show that is your life in the workplace.

The lunch thief

scared i wish you were here GIF by HRVY

You bring to office that delicious lunch you’ve lovingly prepared at home and put it in the fridge as you wait in excitement for lunchtime to come around. Only to find it’s been nicked and you know exactly who that is; the same person who also takes your tea bags and sauce without asking. We feel the gut-wrenching pain!

The workaholic

busy jim carrey GIF

This colleague of yours considers the office his/her permanent address. Their bums are glued to the seats and they’ll respond to emails within 5 minutes. You’ll often find yourself giving them a mixture of respect and pity, wondering if they have any personal life.

The enthu cutlet

bates motel work GIF by A&E

These are the subtle chamchas. From saying yes to every task given to replying to mails at 2 A.M., they basically do everything at the drop of a hat.

The over dresser

dress GIF

When you’re moving around in sneakers, they are getting coffee in their ‘Lady Gaga’ heels. They make work feel like couture week. Over dressers make us uncomfortable. We barely woke up, c’mon!

The gossiper

baroness von sketch GIF

Life in office is incomplete without them. No secrets are hidden from her (mostly) and you can rely on this colleague for all office happenings. If work is getting boring, turn to them and they’ll spice up your life.

The office clown

the office nbc GIF

You hear them arriving at work from the other end of the office. We love their energy and without them, days in office are gloomy and office spaces are in complete silence. This is the ball of happiness we look forward to have a cup of coffee with after a damned meeting.

The know-it-all person

monica geller GIF

Your face flushes and you fight the urge to roll your eyes more than ever. Because they know everything, from the weather of the day to what’s trending, and even what going on in your boss’s marital life. They have an answer to every question and you’ll hardly, maybe never say them hear ‘I don’t know’.

The omnipresent

tired neil patrick harris GIF by bubly

You ALWAYS find them in the office. You have never ever seen them leave work. They’re the first ones to come in and the last ones to leave every single day.

The lost person

what is going on matthew perry GIF

They’re in a different universe altogether. Work is still an alien concept to them and they have no clue what happened, what’s happening and what will happen. Neither do they care!

The over ambitious intern

i can do anything abc GIF by Dancing with the Stars

They seemed great in the beginning but now they’re popping over your shoulder like a whack-a-mole from hell. They are more of a headache than help and you’re actually counting the days when they have to go back to college again.

The party animal

drunk emma watson GIF

The party animal comes in and fills your ears with tales about their alcohol induced weekends and how they woke up in a dumpster. Turn to them if you want to know about the social activities in the area.

The break freak

office space GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Office time and break time are synonymous for them. They take a break right after entering office, then after reading a mail and again and again, until it’s time for them to leave office. After taking one last break though! You’ll hardly find them at their seats.


happy friends GIF

Finally there’s you! Smart. Amazing. Cool. Literally the best employee your company every found. Burst the bubble and go give yourself a mental slap. Please!





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