Pet Moms To Friend Moms: Mothers Who Make Our Lives Better Every Day

Moms are special, so much so that they are no longer just a relation anymore but a concept. Any one in our life who is caring, loving, and all over perfect gets the mantle of motherhood. And there are times when we unleash that nature from within ourselves to care for people, things, that may not necessarily be those who we give birth to. This is about them!

To all the moms of four legged and winged children

Dear pet mom with furry babies, we know how hard it is, to juggle work and all your other responsibilities. It’s tough keeping your pet fed, groomed, active and healthy. We know you want to give them all your attention – for them to be able to trust a predator who’s relentlessly fallen in love with them. Your pets are not living punching bags or sentient purse accessories, we know. Your pet is not a bedroom decor item. It’s hard to parent a pet in more ways than one. We also know how many times you’ve tried to explain that you’re a mother too and that to be misunderstood or ridiculed hurts your soul.

To all the moms who love watching their plants grow and bloom

We understand what love is. We know how many times you’ve tried to explain others, that you too have been in a situation where you felt your heart stop for someone you love the most. You felt they were in danger. It was scary. We empathize.

To all the moms we found in our friends and our big sisters

A mother, more than the being she is, is a caricature. Don’t ‘mother’ me, we’ve often heard. There are friends who become so much. You’ve found so many reasons to laugh together and they constantly remind you of things you have to do. They make sure, no matter wherever they are, that you’re okay. They also make you eat well balanced meals and scold you for your junk scavenging habits. They tell you when you’re wrong and also make sure you realize it. Your elder sister has stepped up for you when you couldn’t for yourself.

To our mothers 

From sleepless nights that were filled with joy and dreams for the future – You’d just decided to have us – To those when you’d wake up with a wave of anxiety, wondering if were sleeping just fine. You’ve been so giving, even when it was all so consuming, you surrendered by will to take care of us. You always made sure we were okay, first. We understand how big of a responsibility it is… to take on the responsibility of someone else’s life – to foster them, to teach them the world, to help them grow. You’d fight the world for us, we know it. And that’s what gives us the comfort to be, to be our selves.

To ALL the moms, we wish you a very happy Mother’s Day! 

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