We Tell You How To Navigate Through Life’s Shitty Moments

Okay at this very point, let’s take a deep breath and analyze how our minds work in a crisis through a hypothetical situation.

A Monday morning brings its blues in the form of an email that states that you are fired. What would your reaction be? Numb, worried, angry or sad? All things negative, but obviously! Now imagine someone saying “think positive” to you at that very point. Wouldn’t you want to punch that person on their face? If yes, then you are normal.

But does reacting adversely in a situation like this or in any circumstance for that matter make you a negative person? The answer for me is no.

I feel having a positive attitude is an altogether different deal that you have with your mind. For me, I am a positive thinker not just because I see the rosier side of things but because I am also practical and have the ability to take the negatives in my stride. Knowing that there are some things that will not work out doesn’t make my approach negative; I know that because those things are driven by logic and reason. I mean 2+2 can never be 5 right?

This Positive Thinking Day, I am putting down a few points from my personal experience that has helped me shape my thoughts, overcome negativity and stay optimistic:

Hope – Not everything is lost till your last breath and this hope has a silver lining in the form of #positivethinking.

Accept and Embrace – I value and acknowledge my flaws as much as I embrace my beauty. Accepting makes you confident and compels others to believe in you even on those days when you may not believe in yourself. Whatsoever the conditions may be, this is what will keep you going and that is #positivethinking.

Nothing is Permanent – I always feel that if I have laughed a lot on a particular day then the day following that will be a really sad one and the third day will bring cheerfulness again. So I take each day as it comes and my mind is ready to accept and face anything that comes my way; that for me is #positivethinking.

Surround yourself with positive people – You know who they are… Give them a chance to deal with your feelings, with you. This one is an instant mood changer!

Sob but solve – I may be going through the toughest times and deep down inside I may be completely broken. But my strength and the ability to work towards finding a solution to my problems is my #positivethinking.

Look at the brighter side – Shit happened? Ok so deal with it. You have no option but to pull yourself up and walk on the path you have created. I mean imagine getting stuck in an unforeseen traffic jam on a rain splashed road on your way home after a long day at work… Great, that’s some god sent ‘me time’ for you!

Take charge of your thoughts – Turn failure into experiences, laugh out loud if you are stuck in an uncomfortable situation. #Positivethinking helps you regulate your mind and it’ll obey you like a good student.

Love, happiness and gratitude– Send these out to the universe and get them back in abundance.

Indulge in an activity – The best way to feel refreshed and energized is to try doing something in your routine life that you would do while on a vacation. This could be something as simple as walking barefoot on the beach, watering your plants, waking up early to see the sunrise or taking a pottery class. An activity a day will keep negativity at bay.

Listen – Being a good listener to people’s problems will help you assess your own. Being empathetic towards their situations may make you relook at your own; your predicament may not even be half as bad as created by you.

With the way this world is progressing, PT (physical training) class in schools will soon be replaced by another PT class – positive thinking. But seriously guys, as clichéd as it may sound, positive thinking does set the foundation for all things flowery in life; it will help you value your highs and sail through the lows. But know that it has to come from within.

The only way to cut a ‘–’ is to add ‘I’ on it and the moment you add an ‘I’ to anything be rest assured you can overcome it. So let this #PositiveThinkingDay mark the beginning of a change in yourself. It will not happen overnight; many reasons and seasons may pass by but you will eventually see yourself settled with a transformed mind space and a different outlook towards everything.

Well, there is no way I can have a negative approach towards anything in life; after all my blood group is B+ and I have to live up to it.


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