6 Five Letter Words That Will Make Sure You Win Your Next Scrabble Game

Scrabble brings together the very best aspects of language, strategy and board gamery. And the lovers of scrabble know this is all about the bingos. However scoring well and winning doesn’t happen that easily. You need to call certain actions to help you on board.

So here we present 6 super words that’ll help you trump any opponent easily (if conditions are right).


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An eyrie refers to an eagle’s nest located on a cliff or some higher altitude. The word is a handy way in scrabble to get rid of three vowels in one fell swoop.


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‘Q ‘is the best of letter and also the worst in a game of scrabble; ‘Q’ words are not easy to come up with. And it gives you 10 points when you use it, but also brings down your score if you end the game holding it. So keep faqir, a Sufi Muslim ascetic in mind the next time you play a game.


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Sneer at your opponents as you bag 14 points with ‘queue’. And the best part? Clear your rack of a bunch of awkward vowels in one go. Additionally, you also lose the ‘Q’- a letter you don’t want to be saddled with when the game ends.


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Qanat means a tunnel used in arid regions for irrigation. A rack containing these letters can be infuriating for your opponent- two ‘A’s and no ‘U’ to go with the ‘Q’. Get rid of the Q and earn yourself 14 points with this word.


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Two ‘Z’s and one ‘U’ in a single word is no easy task! And scrabbles reward you well for this. Score a massive 25 points as you put together the letters that the Bible refers to a tribe who lived in Ham, a land east of the Jordan River between Bashan and Moab.


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If you plonk something somewhere, you’re putting it or dropping it heavily and carelessly. Embrace the word leaving behind its careless attribute and walk home with a solid 11 points.


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