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6 Things Not To Do At Work

Most of us spend a major chunk  of our lives in offices winning our daily bread and butter where we surely interact with a bunch of people on daily basis. However while we mingle, there are chances that we might indulge in activities that are forbidden in professionalism. So, we bring up to you the list of certain things that you mustn’t do at the workplace.

Be on Social Media

This is where cellphones come in, and also breaks. Don’t be logged in on your laptop or computer to social media portals unless you want to expedite getting reprimanded. It shows carelessness, and it shows lack of seriousness.

Come Into Work Sick

Efficient worker? Supportive teammate? Well, if you are all these things, chances are people know it even if they don’t acknowledge it; so there’s no need to be self-sacrificial by coming into work. Not only will you tire your body but also spread the germs around. Take a sick leave, rest up, and come to work when you aren’t sneezing all over your colleagues!

Come Drunk

How about just a straight up no for this one? If you are absolutely hungover, how about looking up the point above rather than coming bug-eyed and confused to work? If you have a big day ahead, be the smart person you ought to be and not have a crazy time the night before. Of course you being drunk and out of your mind will be entertaining for your colleagues, but not for your boss. Not at all.

Play Loud Music

Always wear headphones, and even if you do, don’t put your “peppy” music on maximum volume because noise travels! And yes, don’t even try to do anything adjacent to dancing unless it’s bobbing your head.


Unless it’s your last day in the organization, stealing from your colleagues is not a very good idea, okay maybe not even if it’s your last day because you are a good person? This holds true especially if it’s stationery because they will most definitely see you using it.

Display Aggression

Bad meeting, personal problems, standoff with colleagues -none of these reasons warrant you to show anger in a way that is intimidating to your surroundings. Deal with it like a mature person, and don’t throw that mouse angrily on the table. Or that keyboard.











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