Dos and Donts For Work From Home

Working from home is an acquired taste. It is perfect for those who are worker bees, because they can continue churning out their productive versions without the haranguing meetings, and diplomacies, back and forth. It is also perfect for those who pretend to work, because now they don’t even have to pretend, they can just be gone, ever so stealthily. But then what about the ones stuck in the middle – the ones who work the time they are supposed to, enjoy a few breaks with colleagues, meet their office friends, etc etc – when they have to work from home its a little unsettling, and a little dumbfounding. But between all the feelings to feel, there also lies an unofficial protocol that one must adhere to.

So, for the uninitiated, these are the simple dos and donts for all who are working from home! 

1. Do Make A Specific Space For Work

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Whether its a simple table and chair situation, or if you have an entire room to your disposal – make sure you have a specific space for your work, that serves the purpose of being less frivolous and more serious. A sturdy chair, a good table, some stationery accessible. If you have this space readily available, you will take your work from home similarly to work from office, because you will have a designated seat waiting for you!

2. Don’t Answer Emails From Bed

We know, we know. The idea of doing your work from your bed is literally God sent, however, not only is this unprofessional but also impersonal. Don’t bring work to your space of leisure and relaxation, and make sure you don’t sit with your laptop on your bed to work. You are ruining both facets of your day!

3. Do Change Out From Pajamas

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Again, its comfortable – but keep your pajamas out of the picture for this once. Even if its something loose and comfortable, try working out of a proper attire when you are working from home. This is not just for those video calls with your colleagues, it is also so you internalise the idea of you working and not just being lazy and using this time to browse the internet aimlessly.

4. Don’t Plan Many Errands

Now this one is inevitable, because come on, you are home, you are saving commute time, you are feeling like you could handle a bunch of things so you go ahead and plan one too many errands. You will get bogged down in them, and then instead of getting a head start with your work, you will get busy, you will get bothered, and your day would have too many things to take care of.

5. Do Ensure Glitch Free Communication

Internet, phone network, a working computer, these things can literally make or break your day. This is the only thing, truly, that you need to make sure goes smoothly!

6. Enunciate Clearly About Breaks 

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Whether its your team, your colleagues, your supervisor – make sure you tell everyone when you take a break and how many breaks you intend to take. Whether it is to cook, or to workout, or to cuddle with your loved ones, or have food – whatever it is make sure that your break is sacred, and that you need it to not go stir crazy! Its important to unwind, even if you are at home.

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