All The Reasons Letter Writing Is So Much Better Than Emailing

Writing is an art, and writing a letter is basically a masterpiece. It’s emotional, it’s evocative, it’s personal, it’s sublimate. Writing seeks you out in ways that are not only cathartic, but they are also beneficial. Just akin to journalling, writing a letter begets feelings out of you that you would otherwise let go off in a digital exchange. The contours of syllables, the fading of words, the convoluted turns of longer passages, the slight blur, the effective stance – your mood and your intent reflects in your words as you write in the most honest way possible. 

Writing a letter makes you feel alive, like in a fast changing world, there is something so uniquely yours and so definitively away from the perils of modernity. But aside from the romanticization of letter writing, there are these facets of the activity that just make writing a letter a superior way of communicating.

1. You Learn How To Write

You don’t rely on a red-stickler to tell you your spellings wrong, or a green one to tell you your grammar is wrong. Whatever thought that goes onto the letter is in it’s nascent glory as it was when you conceived it. You know the stops, the pauses, the dis-attachments; you follow your instincts because there isn’t an ombudsman pushing you to believe otherwise. Letter writing teaches you the nuances of writing, whether correct or not, it is always expressive.

2. Personal Touch

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Your writing is telling, your choice of words, your syntax, your patterns all point towards something so honest in you. The responsibility of expressing yourself in such a potent manner is inexplicable. There’s no room for the garrulous because you want to focus the attention towards the more essential points in what you have to say to the recipient. Your choice of ink, your choice of paper, your choice of cursive – its entirely and specifically you and no one can copy it or make it similar to something else.

3. Putting In Effort

From choosing the right instruments, to understanding what you have to write, to picking out stamps, envelops, going to the post-office, fishing for the right and specific address that doesn’t end in dot com – writing a letter warrants efforts and once put in, there is nothing that compares to the sheer beauty of that.

4. Its Sophisticated

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It’s classy, it’s vintage, it’s extremely attaching – the perfunctory vibe of an email is not there, the callousness of a text either, the letter is full of seraphic expression, which lets the recipient know that even if the letter bears less than happy news it possibly is the most elegant and most sincere way of putting it across!

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