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University Of Mumbai Teaches Students Hip-Hop

Murad’s rap, MC Sher’s chill, Safina’s energy are still buzzing in our minds. ‘Gully Boy’ got us all fired up about the Hip-Hop scene in India. What started in New York decades back as an underground music movement has metamorphosed

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Diabetes: How To Manage And Reverse The Disease

Diabetes – Reversible or not? Hope has free will, it comes to those who seek it – those prepared to accept it. Yes, diabetes is reversible. And this is not just an ambitious statement. It is a well-deliberated, well-researched theory

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6 Signs You Overthink Everything

Overthinking is a disease often undiagnosed, perhaps because of its proclivity to a dramatic flair that we all possess. However the phenomenon of overthinking is one that seeps in ways you can’t quite recognize, and before you know it takes

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