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Dia Mirza Launches An Anthology of Poems

Dia Mirza is an actress who associates herself with so many causes. The versatile lady, who is also the UN Environment’s Goodwill Ambassador, has been actively campaigning against the use of plastic. She has now taken to the publishing industry’s

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Bollywood Tweets For Equal Love

#LoveisLove. #LoveWins. #AllLoveIsEqual. These are like a viral wildfire across the country, and with such good reason! The archaic and antiquated Section 377 is finally scrapped, being deservedly called irrational and arbitrary, and homosexuality as it stands is decriminalised across


Shradha Salla Horoscope: 6th September

How do you make the week end on a perfect note? Read on our exclusive horoscopes to find out! Aries Upsets in the home or neighbourhood could lead to a sudden decision to move, causing a great deal of activity.


Shradha Salla Horoscope: 5th September

Midweek blues? Serious motivation needed? Read on! Aries Emotional turmoil on the job could stress you out way too much. Headaches or temporary hypertension could plague you if you aren’t careful. Don’t push too hard. Remember to take breaks,  and

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Your WiFi Can Apparently Detect A Bomb

A study done by the good folks over at Rutgers University have given us reason to celebrate in our comfort cocoons! Apparently, according to them, our wireless signals can detect metal objects and identify them including elements of bombs! This


Shradha Salla Horoscope: 4th September

With a hectic week ahead, here’s how you make the most of your week, ace your tasks and surge through! Aries There may be some conflict today, especially in the morning. Your general mood is quite good, but there’s a

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Why You Should Write That Love Letter!

In the age of technology a hand written love letter is a thing of joy and magic. If you’re looking for a memorable way to say ‘I love you’ get some beautiful stationary – good quality paper, in a pale

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