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6 Things To Know Before Joining A Dating App

So you are a millennial, living in the new age of indulgent relationships with so much abandon. Meet-cutes are no longer a thing, it is all about that swipe left – swipe right business. While there is no obvious detriment

5 Signs You Are In A One-Sided Relationship

If you’re on the mission to determine whether you are wrapped up in a one sided relationship, chances are you are. A one sided relationship is much like a state of imbalance. If you’re wondering how, ask yourself, ‘Is the

8 Surprising Things No One’s Ever Told You About Sex

Let’s face it; no one prepares you for sex. Except movies; but even they teach only how graceful and passionate having sex is and how everyone orgasms in unison. Sometime that is unarguably the case but mostly it’s not. Here