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10 Movies To Never, Ever, EVER Watch With Your Partner

There are some movies you watch with a lover, like the ones that are ooey-gooey or that are straight up scary so their presence can reassure you that when the fantasy diminishes, what is left is the familiarity of reality.

Facebook Dating App: A Boon Or A Bane?

Dating is no less complicated than it was in the past; all that has changed is the frequency at which the complication occurs. And of course if another thing has changed drastically, that’s how people meet nowadays. Couples hardly meet

7 Things You Should Never Ever Say On A Date

Even if you have gone a million times, dates are always exciting. There’s so much pressure to hit it off romantically alongside all those pesky thoughts of what might happen. While dates are mostly about love filled conversations and little

7 Reasons Why You Should Kiss More Often

Ah, the kiss! It’s so many things- mostly we long for it, but sometimes we just want to get done with an air kiss and there are also those times when we cringe the moment we see that aunt coming

The Big O: Female Sexual Pleasure, the Next Big Thing on Screens?

For too long, whenever media creators thought ‘Indian woman’, they created ‘well-behaved’, unassertive, docile beings. This breed of women is defined by flawless looks, an innate interest in homemaking and of course, an earnest wait for the man who’ll be

6 Times Porn Completely Lied To Us About Sex

Pornography is a world of limitless fantasies and endless possibilities. It inspires us to do something new in bed, encourages us to be proud of our sexual desires and ‘livens’ up that sexual encounter or a masturbation session. But is

What’s An Open Relationship & Here’s Why You Should Try It

Here’s what most online definitions would read, ‘An open relationship is an intimate relationship that is sexually non-monogamous.’ Allow me to elaborate. Yes, non-monogamy is a valid relationship type You remove the ownership that can come with a conventional relationship. Voila! Relationships