10 Things You Should NEVER Say During Sex

It’s a basic instinct in human beings to find a mate, feel the love and pleasure. And with all the love hormones doing their bit, you’re going to get carried away in the heat of the moment. But saying the wrong things in such a moment can bring the best time of your life into an awkward halt. Saying the inappropriate things and not realizing it can be an epic mood-buster and totally kills the sexy vibe of it all. So, be smart and trust me when I ask you to scratch off these phrases from your bedroom vocabulary.

Hence, to help you out, these are the 10 things you should never ever utter during your sexy time.

#1 “Is it in?”

We all know that men seriously stress out about their penis size and asking this will make them uncomfortable and embarrassed on a different level. Give the kind of ease the situation requires and be sensitive about that. Even if you are thinking it, do not say it out loud!

#2 “That’s it?”

Longevity of sex and the pleasure is undoubtedly necessary; but being rude to your partner during such an intimate and beautiful time is not cool. If you are in the middle of the business, you have to respect one another and most importantly the situation you guys are in. Let’s not make it downer girls!

#3 “My ex used to love it that way.”

Any kind of ex talk is a complete no no if you want to save the situation. Talking about ones ex especially during sex is pretty much always frowned upon. Let the past be the past and enjoy the things that are in store for you. And trust me; you don’t want to talk about your ex while you are naked with your new partner.

#4 “How’s your family?”

Even if you are close with your partner’s family or love to chit-chat, now is not the time to ask about the mom. Leave the family away when it’s all about both of you and don’t make yourself look disinterested or distracted. Give one another the space it requires to know each other and enjoy the moment keeping aside everything else

#5 “You know I love babies”

Excited Freak Out GIF

Talking about babies during casual sex is scary because there are possibilities for it to turn out to be true. Things should definitely escalate but not in such a way that it freaks your partner out. Nothing can kill the mood faster than talking babies during the constant hormonal rush.

#6 “Oh, *wrong name*, yes!

Having visual fantasies about some other guy or a celebrity for that matter is fine. Whatever your heart wants, but nothing can be worse than calling out the wrong name during sex. This innocent mistake of yours can be really insulting and can turn your romantic evening into a war. It’s crucial that you remember the name and only utter the correct one of your current partner.

#7 “You should start going to the gym.”

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When everything is literally on display and you are in an intimate situation, it is easy to feel vulnerable. Don’t be the person who takes the advantage of that situation to point out flaws in their partners. Pointing on someone’s body weight is anyway not nice, and especially during sex it can be a massive bummer. Moreover, it is going to get your partner all hot and bothered which I’m sure you’d not like.

#8 “Hurry up!”

Sex is something for which you can’t put a time constraint, it is something which you enjoy and feel happy about. Asking your partner to hurry up during a sex session implies being impatient and disinterested. Putting a time restriction on it doesn’t make much sense because you wouldn’t even indulge in it if you didn’t have time. Also, he won’t probably appreciate being told how long he needs to ‘last’.

#9 “You’re so much better than I thought!”

Sure, you are trying to compliment and reassure your partner that he’s doing a good job. But telling him that he looked like he’d be crap and that you’re shocked that he’d be that good is such an insult.




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