6 Things Only Arranged Marriage Couples Will Get

You met, you got married and now, are waiting to fall in love. We know for a fact, there is not one kind of love story. You’re probably more in love than you have ever been and such sneering at couples who let their parents choose their partners need to stop. Just like this, here a few other things only arranged marriage couples will get, read through! 

1)  The quest of finding the perfect picture

It all started with your mother asking every one in the family to find a suitable partner for you. She announced on a dozen family groups, even at prayer meets she goes to with her fellow aunties, who went on to spread the news in their families of a search mission that’s on. The mission now could not have been aborted. What you faced next? The painful struggle of finding a decent picture from boozy nights that are the only updates on your Instagram. Suddenly, it dawns upon you, you’re a nasty freak with pouty lips, who doesn’t at all have a decent picture – THE HORROR! But thank god for that wannabe photographer in your lane. Little flirty but get the work done, so cheers.

2) The nervous breakdown

Aunties and uncles are riding your nerves, continuously on your back. The pricking pressure picks a pace with every picture you slide moving on to the next. It is a freak show mostly, those faces and one your own. You’re nervous, you think ‘am I judging a book by its cover’ which triggers a wee bit of anxiety. Next thing you know, you’re feeling anxious about being anxious. You’re questioning life and tracing its existence down galaxies, you’ve probably said ‘I think this is a bad idea’, and ‘the aunties’ diagnostic and statistical manual’ has classified you absolutely CRAZY.

3) That awkward meeting

You’re judging every word that comes out of their mouth, you’re secretly thinking ‘what the hell is she wearing, the shaadi is not today’, you’re judging the troupe they come with ‘why is his mother eating 3 samosas’, now you’re anxious about being too judgmental, next thing you know you’re feeling anxious about feeling anxious. You’re again acting crazy, probably fidgeting with random objects in your parameters, your palms are sweaty. But some thing is sweet about that, butterflies come to do a back-flip or two and BOOM! You feel the urge to terminate your anxiety and begin feeling the ‘feels’. Nervous tension turns mostly sexual, the sheer panic disappears into yearning – YOU WANT TO KNOW EACH OTHER!

4) You wish people understood arranged marriage is not the same as a forced marriage 


Who you get married to is ultimately your decision. The most damaging misconception about arranged marriage is that the couple, and more commonly, the woman, is coerced. You’re tired of explaining people the fact!

5) You wish people also understood that listening to your parents’ advice about who to choose as your partner may not necessarily be a bad idea 

No, that is not preposterous or even backwards.

6) You know there is not one kind of love 

You’ve loved and lost in the past. But it is all so new again! You take the time to get to know each other all while being married, it is a different experience, an adventure even. Unpredictable but love still! Oh what fun it is to wake up next to your partner discovering a new detail about them, every day.

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