8 Things That Make You a Borderline Crazy Girlfriend

You meet a guy at a house party, you exchange glances, one thing leads to another and you’re in your living room watching Netflix together. Remember how easy it was to get his attention back then? He would want to speak to you till the wee hours of the morning, he would tag you in every meme, he would take you out for a surprise movie night and would think you’re the most awesome girl in the world.

What happened then? Well, you got clingy, insecure and demanding. Do you find yourself crying for attention every minute of every day? We feel you, however if you’re doing any of these 8 things listed below, we suggest you have a soiree with yourself one of these evenings and understand why you got into this relationship in the first place.

1. You feel like he is avoiding you, and not genuinely busy, so you bombard him with 92 missed calls all in a span of 2 hours. This is when you know he is chilling with his friends.

2. You already have all the passwords and you snoop in on his emails, Insatgram DMs, Facebook chats and texts and then question him about his conversations with the various other women in his life.

3. Taking the liberty to call up his friends when you can’t get through to him.

4. He said he’s stuck in traffic? Demanding him to share his Uber status with you.

5. Asking for location pins for each time that he is hanging out without you.

6. You think it’s your right for him to produce photo evidence of every place that he goes to.

7. Misusing the ‘Find My iPhone’ app, to know about his whereabouts, as you just can’t understand why he needs to hang out with the same friends, everyday.

8. You think it’s totally normal to show up uninvited to his friends’ scenes, to ‘check’ if he’s actually there.





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