This Is The One Trait Everyone In The World Wants In Their Partner. Find Out What It Is

Most of us have a long list of attributes that describe our perfect mate. From general traits like smartness, adventurous and understanding to specific skills and interests like good cooking and travel enthusiast, the list can be quite a long one. But all can’t be found in one person; we have to make some compromises at some point or the other.

But what is the most important thing to prioritise if you want to have a happy and successful relationship? Well, University of Swansea in the U.K. conducted a study across 2,700 college students from five countries and they were asked to progressively narrow down which characteristics are most important to them in a lifetime mate. The research compared the dating preferences of students from two countries traditionally considered ‘Eastern’- Singapore and Malaysia, and three countries considered ‘Western’- Australia, Norway and the U.K. And the one trait that everyone across all cultures agreed on was kindness.

The study offered eight characteristics for participants to choose from – physical attractiveness, good financial prospects, kindness, humour, chastity, religiosity, the desire for children, and creativity. While kindness emerged as the ultimate winner, the next favoured attribute was physical attractiveness by men and good financial prospects by women.


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