Chewing Gum And Falling In Love Is Surprisingly Similar. This Is Why.

Bubblegum – the flavour of childhood, the feel of nostalgia! Be it strawberry or watermelon or orange, we love the way a fresh piece explodes on our tongues like a flavoured lightning bolt striking a parched land, setting salivary glands ablaze. Bubblegum is a gift to mankind just like love! Confused? Don’t we get brain explosions and accelerated heart rates in the first bite? We mean, they do get us butterflies in the stomach. If love is a many-splendored thing, bubblegum is rather many splendors more.

Pay a visit to the memory lane of your relationships and you’ll see how all of them were like a bubblegum? You unwrap it with delight and it starts off splendidly. The flavourful punch of the gumballs with their zippy colours and bubbly spirit are the same swoony sensations you feel when you put those baby steps into a relationship. You feel like you two are the fuzzy puppies in the world of love – the roses, the breeze and the shoeless dances on boardwalks.

And with time you’re so accustomed to the love of your life (just like the gum in your mouth). Your reflexes are instant and comfortable. You twist it, twirl it, stretch it, savour it and smoosh it. There are also times when you blow your relationship, yes like you blow your bubblegum. While most of them are those silly fights which make you fall in love more, sometimes the blowing creates too big a bubble that wham! It’s right there on your face. The bubblegum bursting on your face doesn’t hurt, but love does.

But you don’t give up. You pick the bubble gum off your face and you still don’t throw it. You put it back in your mouth and continue chewing it happily. But then we feel a knock on our taste buds (and our hearts). The taste is fading. Yes, you just love the flavour but its disappearing. The spark of your relationship with the bubble gum (your partner) is starting to die. You hate it, you try to run away from it, you dismiss it, but deep down you know it’s time to spit it out and start anew.

Your bubblegum romance has become bland, flavourless – maybe a matter of compatibility, or maybe you didn’t know each other that well yet. It can also be you two just want different things. Whatever the cause may be, you know it’s time to split ways with your gum. Yeah, we understand the emotional baggage that follows is nothing less than a gum getting stuck to the bottom of your shoe. You might have to put your shoe (heart) in the freezer so the glob of gum would harden and peel off. And it still doesn’t come off as cleanly as you’d hope. You can feel a little piece of all your exes stuck in your heart – the gooey, blobby mess you can’t quite untangle yourself from.

But the flavours of gum are infinite. If you dig deep down enough, your gum is always there, dutifully waiting for you. A few bubblegum flavours of your life might fade as fast as the tattoos on the gum’s wrappers. But remember, it is never about finding the piece of gum you can live with, it’s always about finding that bubblegum you can’t live without.

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