Move Over Italian! 10 Desi Dishes To Make On Your Next Date Night

Whenever there is an impending date night or a cookout with your partner our mind always goes to cooking something fancy and decadent that can set the mood, highlight a conversation, and most importantly taste heavenly. And more often than not, we think of Western cuisine -whether it is a roast or pasta or pudding. However there are some delectable Indian dishes that are perfect for a date night. We tell you which!

1. Khandavi

This smooth fancier cousin of dhokla is light, savoury, and really pleasing to eye! So try it for sure!

2. Herby Potatoes

Potatoes are an Indian staple, and at the event of a sudden date night at home, you can simply roast some potatoes and put the choicest of masalas for some chatapatta taste!

3. Uthappam

If your date loves South Indian fare but you don’t have time to go full out, make a mini uthappam that has the elements of coconut and suji plus veggies, and is still super light!

4. Paneer Tikka

Wait! This should definitely be on your list for date night. Regardless when it is or with whom. Paneer Tikka is the food of Gods, especially vegetarian Gods!

5. Biryani

You can’t go wrong with biryani. Well you can go completely wrong or not at all. More likely it’s the latter. Just enjoy some buttery rice with your favourite mutton, chicken, fish, aloo and soak in some love!

6. Naan

The wonderful thing about Naan is that even if you serve a bland daal with it, the smoothness of the naan will carry the meal to victory town. So whatever your curry maybe; make sure there is naan with it!

7. Chicken Tikka

Winner winner chicken dinner! You cannot go wrong with this. And you cannot feel unloved post this. Chicken Tikka is gooey, chewy, and aromatic. Don’t miss prepping this up.

8. Prawn Curry

For some coastal flavour- opt for some thick prawn curry that melts in your mouth as you dig into it. The herbs, the fragrance, the taste; they all come together in a wonderful way.

9. Phirni

This is a tad difficult to make especially regarding how much sweetness and consistency there should be. But once you perfect it, there is no better way to ending your meal.

10. Shahi Tukda

Or you could go deep into the world sweet dishes, and prepare shahi tukda that drips in honey and caramel and dry fruits, and is absolutely lip-smacking.

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