7 Signs That Hint Towards You Falling Out Of Love

Falling in love is wonderful, but it doesn’t remain the same always. Sometimes this beautiful thing itself tires you and makes you like you’re in nothing but a routine job. All couples fight but is that rough patch just a phase or it is time to call it off. Find out here. 

1. You feel the transition

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You both are becoming different people, there’s nothing common between you two anymore. All things you agreed on, everything you did together, the jokes you both laughed at doesn’t amuse you anymore. Things between you two have lost its charm.

2. Endless fights

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Fights with bae are so normal, but is it getting too much? Because when love fades, other emotions and relationship dynamics take over. Sniping at partners becomes common, and then that sniping becomes bickering which ultimately turns chronic.

3. Making love is no longer exciting

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There was an amazing time when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other and eventually things must have slowed down a bit. That doesn’t mean the love has gone. The love has only died if the idea of having sex with your partner feels like a chore.

4. Saying ‘I Love You’ is just a habit

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You obviously meant it when you first uttered those magical words. But things took a turn and now, it’s just a habit or worse, an obligation. You feel the pangs of lie every time you say it.

5. You want to take off without them

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Travelling alone attracts you more. You crave for a break away from them and you feel if they come along with you, it’s a burden and a baggage for you. You desire to explore the world with them simply vanishes.

6. He/She becomes the last priority

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You of course need friends outside of your relationship, but remember the time when you prioritised spending time with your partner. If that has changed and now you keep every inch of your schedule booked with an activity only to avoid hanging out with him/her, you have very clearly fallen out of love.

7. You no longer care about him/her cheating

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The thought was once unthinkable, but now you have made peace with it. You really don’t mind if they find someone new. You can actually unseal the deal if you too constantly daydream about ways to leave them.


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