8 Ways To Get Over That Painful Break Up

There’s no beating around the bush- breaking up… straight up blows. Even if you were not head over heels in love, splitting with someone you’ve spent a significant amount of time with is painful, twisted and confusing. It’s hard to imagine if you’ll find another partner- much less, want one.

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But hey! You heart will eventually heal. Ask anyone who’s come out the other side of the break up. Even if you’re currently in the trenches of a potent heartbreak, there are things and ways to speed up the mending of your broken heart. Here’s how.

Make peace with the end

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Avoid second-guessing because the story of your relationship is over. Stop that line of thinking, accept the end and take it as another growing experience. Most importantly, STOP BLAMING YOURSELF!

Focus on self-time

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You’re no more in a relationship, but it doesn’t imply you’ve to get over it right away. Don’t push yourself too hard; sleep in late or treat yourself to ice cream on a Saturday night. All things take time to heal and a relationship is no different.

Ex-free environment

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Out of sight, out of mind is not just an age-old saying. Dump all those things that make you miss him/her. Or come up with your own ‘break-up box’ if you have stuff too valuable to be discarded, but are also too painful to see it every day.  Trust us, it’ll feel cathartic and you’ll also have a hearty laugh when you’ll dig in into your ‘break-up box’ after a few years.

Drop shit talking your ex

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Of course it feels good to trash talk your ex with your besties, and hearing your friends bring down someone who made you feel shitty feels like a happy pill, but don’t rely on it. Your health and happiness need not be contingent on someone else’s stress and agony.

Spend time outside

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You must be probably crying your eyes out for days, and you’ve forgotten to wash your hair. While it seems like nothing could comfort you more than your tear and snot stained pillow, but in reality it’s the perfect time to get out of the house. It’s a cliché, but fresh air really clears your mind keeps your sanity.

Build your support circle

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You must have lost touch with your friends as you were in love and spending a lot of time with your then partner. But now, since you’re single, it’s a perfect time to make up for that. Recruit your gang back, catch up and indulge in some fun time rather than bad-mouthing your ex.

Say no to drunk-texts

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Drunk-texting your ex is a one- step-forward-two-step-back slide down the rabbit hole. Him replying ‘NOTHING’ to your booze-fueled ‘I MISS YOU’ doesn’t mean you’ll have a spring wedding. Better call your friends to keep a check when you plan to get sloshed.

Write your ex love letters

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AND NEVER SEND THEM! Get all your emotions out, but on paper, so you don’t send it accidentally. Pen down all things you’re grateful for and also the things you’re disappointed about. Remember the letter’s purpose is to heal your grief, not a scheme to get back your ex.




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