6 Gross Things Couples Do While Having Sex

Behind closed doors, there are things- gross habits you and your partner romantically indulge in. You love doing that and get utmost pleasure out of it. And you’re not alone. Every couple in love is up to something disgusting in some way or the other.

And today, we list out all the gross things you and your partner love to do during sex.

1. Her phlegm came out while on top

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Yes, that weird explosion on your face and chest that isn’t the body fluids you were hoping for. You really love him/her if phlegm was running down your cheeks, chin and collarbones even once.

2. Farting when you’re doing her bottoms

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Your relationship is as strong as a rock if you’ve experienced the very mild breeze hitting your face when you were very passionately into her bottoms. All we hope is that you had a good time with the smell.

3. Wiping gunk on their t shirts

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Who needs tissue when you have tees? Drying up after coming out is never an issue for you two because you have your t-shirt ready to wipe it out.

4. Throwing up on a willy mid-blowjob

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Is he that hot that he makes you barf? Smooth sailing can lead to choppy waters in a split second – it’s okay to slurp the popsicle one minute and hurl the next.

5. Pee on each other

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You guys have redefined standards of a relationship if you and your partner love that warm, wet feeling on your tummy or maybe your face. There are lots of ways to play with pee, so how do you like it?

6. Licking blood off her vagina

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Pat yourself because you’re not the one who is freaked out to go down to period town. It’s not gross, not dirty and not disgusting to get menstrual fluids on your nose – it’s pure love and good romance.


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  1. Krishna

    Eww some are 😂 You spoiled the entertainment Aranya…

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