Grossly Gross Things Couples Do When They Have Been In A Relationship For Too Long

Love. Sweet love. Love makes you do crazy things, inconceivable things, like try karela, something you swore you would never touch. Love makes you weak, like in the knees? And sometimes, the permanent high of being caught up in a  whirlwind of romance makes you do nasty stuff. Yup, we said it. Here, 5 absolutely disgusting things you do when you have been in a relationship long enough… 

1) You don’t hold in your toxic farts anymore. Farting is a competition and you’re keeping scores. You’ve even added hardcore challenges. 

Yeah, you also talk about how loose your morning stool was, you make sure they get all the gory details so they know exactly at what speed it hit the toilet bowl water. Oh you also make sure they get the exact sound of it by mimicking it. It’s very important, we know.

2) You poop while the other showers and your shower melody features their loud poop noises as you hum in pure blissfulness 

3) Picking your nose in front of them, because you’re comfortable. Playing with your nosey-balls,  because you’re too comfortable. The next thing we know you’re making out 

Forgiving your sins, we have just one question, how and why does everything turn into a make-out sesh for you?

 4) When you’re more than drunk, have puked a kilo and making out the next minute

Kissing helps you exchange pheromones with someone you fancy so much but you have to be chemically insane to be licking lips with horrid vomit in their mouth.  Y’all nasty!

5) Using the same f*@%#^ toothbrush

Honestly, this is the least disgusting thing you do as a couple. BUT STILL SO GROSS. You guys are a neatnik’s nightmare, you guys give ablutomaniacs extreme anxiety.

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