How Do You Know You’re Ready To Have A Baby?

You spend every day thinking ‘you’re really ready’. You want this. You want to have a baby. But are you ‘really’? Is your significant other? Did you even talk about it?

You might often catch yourself day dreaming, planning to ‘start a family’. Often, unconsciously at times. But is that ‘really’ enough? Is it all that matters?

The answer is… No, but you might be. Somebody once said, something that’s still carried forward with belief, ‘good things take time.’ But do you know great things happen can in the blink of an eye? Sudden epiphanies have some power, but how to get rid of all the ‘buts’? Read through.

You’re ‘BOTH’ in it

This may be as tedious as having to trod water to keep afloat. This can leave you feeling like the relationship isn’t a priority. Remember, it’s not just about you. If, you’re ready to welcome the fact that they might not be ready when you are… you’re one step closer to being ‘actually ready’ to have a baby.

You have the capacity to love and to be loved

Pregnancy might bring up emotionally charged issues, such as difficult relationships, insecurities and unfulfilled expectations, which may have been previously suppressed.

If we have love to give, then we already have enough.

Pregnancy can be quite a roller-coaster experience, it is a time of radical changes. You will be vulnerable. You’re bound to feel the highs of excitement about having a baby to the lows of feeling impatient, even scared. It might knock you six. Are you ready for all the love you’re going to receive? Will you be able to take your partner’s undivided attention in moments of self-doubt? Ask yourself.

That being said, make sure you have a support-system.

You can make sacrifices 

Are you ready to be unstinting with your care, unsparing with your attention, munificent with your love, all for someone you have never met?

Forget quotes from experts who say they know better, about somethings, nobody knows better than you do. For most things that people furiously shake their head to say ‘no’ to, love makes them say ‘yes’. Love will fuel the sacrificing and the selflessness! Love will make you the most powerful protector! Love will make you a mother!

You can be responsible

Everything you do – your choices, words, attitudes, experiences – will have the power to affect another life. All of it! If, you’re emotionally, physically and financially ready, you’re almost ready to have a baby. Do you know that adopting a pet together might actually help you prepare for parenthood? It’s a wonderful way to see how well you ‘co-parent’.

You want to have a baby even if the thought is panicky

We have our moments of fear and doubt, we are only human. If, a small ‘but’ significant part of you screams with absolute assurance, ‘you want to have a baby’… you might finally be.

You’re obsessed and can’t help goggling at every kid that passes you by 

Somewhere deep in the core of your heart, you want to have a baby and you know it. However, beware. Just because you love kids does not mean you have a maternal instinct. It’s also important to realise that lacking maternal instinct does not mean you don’t want a baby, either. You might struggle through your transition to parenthood. For many women, maternal instinct also happens to kick in after the baby is born.

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