Blurred Lines: Getting Back On Your Feet After Getting Dumped

‘I can’t do this anymore’. Five words which don’t really mean much when used during random spats – but can make your heart sink when they are truly meant. ‘Were they serious?’ ‘Is this it?’ ‘Are we never gonna be the same again?’ Are some questions that may have crossed your mind. Getting dumped can be one of the worst feelings in the world, but it’s definitely not the end of the world. Here are a few ways to heal your emotional scars.

Get Busy

Because getting busy is one of the best ways to get better. Catch up with friends you haven’t met in a while, build a new music playlist, binge-watch a TV show, whatever you do, try to block thoughts. Another amazing way to stay busy is to spend longer hours in office. Your work improves and so does your frame of mind.

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30 Days To Freedom

This might be a little tough, but it works like magic. Don’t call, text or try to get in touch with your ex in any way, whatsoever. You may have a hundred questions that you need to ask them. They still might have some stuff of yours. Your brain will give you a million reasons to send just one text to them – but don’t give in. Just don’t – for 30 days. Tell yourself you’ll do it after 30 days, do a countdown, but curb the desperation. Chances are that after 30 days you won’t feel the need to call them, ever. If you still do, however, you will definitely be much less vulnerable than you were in the initial phase of your break-up.

Rebounds Are Not Cool

They might be convenient, but you’re just indulging your co-dependency in the garb of ‘just having fun!’. Take some time off relationships, give yourself time to recover, so that you can trust again or even give love another chance. A rebound is like driving without a seat-belt, just because you paid a fine for committing the offence earlier in the day. True, you won’t be challaned for the same traffic offence again, during the same day, but ultimately, it’s your life at risk.

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Surround Yourself With Amazing People

Hang out with childhood friends, make new ones. Make up for the loss of one relationship by creating 5 new bonds. Be a good friend. The love and care good friendships can bring will help you rediscover yourself, and re-evaluate your self worth. You deserve nothing, but the best – so attract just that.

Channelize Your Emotions

After sorrow, post a break-up, comes anger. Remember, it’s temporary. Don’t react in a way you’ll regret later – channelize instead. Go for a 10 km run, do yoga – vent all the anger by doing something good for your body. You may have loved your partner more than they could have imagined, but it’s time to love yourself, now.

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