7 Sex Injuries That Everyone Needs To Know About

Everything good in life has an annoying side to it. Even sex! It’s wonderful, but it can also be painful. At times, it can also get excruciating and humiliating and put you in the hospital. Doesn’t mean you need to cut out your sex time, but it’s always helpful to know the possible risks you have faced or will face.

So here we round up common seven injuries you can be careful about from now onwards.

1. Broken willy

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Call it a penile fracture if that stops you from shriveling in agony (even if you don’t have one). When things go sizzling hot and the pelvis lands hard on the erect member, a popping and cracking sound follows. You know it’s time to seek medical attention as the tissue in his penis has teared off.

2. Vaginal tearing

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You know it has happened to you if you bled down there after the deed or you were in pain. Its common and can happen if you’re not lubricated enough or there’s not adequate foreplay. Keep a bottle of lubricant within your reach to sail through this smoothly.

3. Burns from the roughs

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Sex is exciting and spontaneous. It can go a long way from the bed to the carpet or maybe any other rough base. Sadly, switching up where you have sex, especially if it’s a carpet can cause painful burns due to friction. Maybe use a blanket or something soft!

4. Muscle pull

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Your body needs a little bit of warm up before they start gunning for it. If you have the urge to get freaky while you’re getting freaky and try too many difficult positions, chances of a pulled muscle territory are high. Don’t doubt your sexual prowess; just spend the first few minutes doing some legs-to-shoulder stretching.

5. Lost treasures in the vagina

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Foreign objects often get lost in the vaginal universe. Maybe the condom slipped off. At times, people also forget to take the tampon out. Either way, you can lose things but they can totally be retrieved without any damage.

6. P stuck in V

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Called Penis Captivus, it’s rare but can happen where the penis is literally captured by the vagina. It gets stuck during intercourse and medical help is required for the couple to be able to get separated from each other.

7. Hard hickey

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Generally, the biggest worry is it’ll stay longer enough to get embarrassed. However, there’s more to love bites. There are these hickeys from hell that causes blood clots that brings in threats like that of a stroke or paralysis. A few deaths have also been reported time and again.


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