Men, Note This Down: These Are The 5 Erogenous Spots On A Woman’s Body

Ah! Sex and its pleasures, are you looking for that making-love-on-a-soft-comforter kind of feeling?

We tell you 5 erogenous spots to drive each other absolutely crazy and craving for more. Ever wonder why she loves it when you play with her hair? Erogenous zone. A temple massage, soul rejuvenating, yeah? Erogenous zone. Shoulder rubs? EROGENOUS!

There’s more to sex than the genitalia. Your body is a wonderland, that’s true. Read on!

1)      Hands

We aren’t trying to play you; your hands are one of the most important erogenous zones. Once upon a time, the first time you held hands and felt waves of euphoria coming in like a tsunami? Enough said.

2)      Inner Thighs

Lighting the fire is easy, but keeping the flames burning strong? Wee bit tough. But light kisses and strokes can do so much you didn’t even know!

3) Nape of Neck

Another area chock-full of never endings! P.S. Never ever ignore the neck.

4) Behind the Knees

Often overlooked, this area is rich in nerve endings and highly sensitive. If somebody ever said slow and steady wins the race, they were probably talking about building sexual anticipation. This time pepper it with some sensation play, like experimenting with an ice cube?

5) Ears

Yup, there is a right way with this zone without your partner feeling gross about it! Anything from a gentle touch to a playful tongue can feel so good! Always ask your partner what’s working for them.

Be it inside or outside the bedroom, remember, communication is essential. It’s the key to better sex. And to reach that peak of ecstasy… mentally stimulate her mind. Listen, study and understand your woman, and then what? Watch her unfold!!!


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