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OkCupid Finds Out That 80% of their Users Truly Support the #MeToo Movement

While there is no doubting the fact that the #MeToo movement has brought about a massive social change, giving a voice to victims of sexual harassment and holding perpetrators accountable – has it affected the world of dating? To understand this, we sampled a few questions about where OkCupid members stand on #MeToo and how it has affected their choice of partners.

We found that an overwhelming majority of the community truly supports the #MeToo movement and what it stands for. This is true across genders, with 85% of women and 81% of men proclaiming their support. Also, as many as 86% of all men and women in the OkCupid community believe that harassment at workplaces should not be tolerated at all and that they would stand up for a colleague who is being harassed. This data shows the far-reaching impact that #MeToo has had, particularly within the OkCupid community which comprises urban professionals who value meaningful relationships and are looking for like-minded, compatible individuals.

However, when asked if #MeToo affects their dating choices, the results are more mixed. As many as 76% of men said that it’s not a deal breaker if their date does not support, or is unsure of, the #MeToo movement. On the other hand, 62% of women are strongly against dating someone who does not support #MeToo. This also tracks closely with the fact that while over 80% of both men and women in the OkCupid community proudly call themselves feminist, only about 17% men care whether the person they date is a feminist or not. On the other hand, 53% women would not date someone who isn’t a feminist. While the data indicates that support of #MeToo and feminism is not a deal breaker for men, it could also be indicative of the fact that this is still a relatively new conversation, something that people are still processing and that more and more people are beginning to care about in a match.

“We’ve always used our iconic OkCupid questions to not only help our members match on what matters to them, but also to provide tremendous insight into what daters today want. And clearly, millennial India is at a point where they want to take control of their dating lives and find people that they’re truly compatible with, whether that’s finding someone who is also a feminist or something a bit lighter, like a date who will also like paneer on their pizza,” says Melissa Hobley, CMO, OkCupid.


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